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O.P. Japan Translation had its beginnings in 1988 in Portland, Oregon, when we started to work for Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc. as in-house interpreters. From that point onward, we honed our skills in technical interpretation within the dynamic environment of an operating semiconductor chip plant, and in 1999 established our own company, O.P. Japan Translation (taking the O & P from our respective last names). Subsequently, we have expanded out from our initial focus on chip manufacturing, and today are actively involved in interpretation & translation in a wide array of fields. (Please click the Experience button below.)

We are proud of our dedicated clientele base, many of whom we have worked with for 10 plus years, and a growing number of out-of-state customers repeatedly seek us out for interpretation and translation work.


Hiko Ozawa:
Hiko earned her BA in English Lit. at Meiji Gakuin University (Tokyo) and her MA in Educational Counseling at UCLA (Los Angeles). She then went on to teach at Aichi Prefectural University in the English Department. From 1988 to 1998, Hiko was employed at Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc. in Oregon as a technical interpreter, and from 1999 onward, she has worked as a freelance interpreter covering many technical and business fields. Hiko is available for both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation jobs.
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Kenneth Pincus:
Ken received his BA in a dual major, East Asian Studies and Arts & Crafts from UCSC (CA). He subsequently lived in Japan (1982-1987) where he spent 4 years studying pottery as an apprentice in Gifu Prefecture. Through those years in Japan, Ken gained a working knowledge of the Japanese language and culture. From 1988 to 2001, Ken was employed at Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc. as a technical interpreter and translator, and in 2001, he joined the O.P. Japan Translation team where he continues to specialize in Japanese ➝ English translation.
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The following lists some of the fields we have worked in over the years as interpreters and translators:

  1. Semiconductor chip manufacturing, including the related chemical & specialty gas supply/recovery systems, plant construction & start-up, and clean-room equipment installation & start-up.
  2. Metals surface finish application and the manufacture of related chemicals. (c) Plant quality audits and certification tests.
  3. Security software, supercomputer and electronics fields.
  4. Measurement instrumentation and analysis equipment fields.
  5. Manufacturing including connector parts used in the automobile and electronics sectors.
  6. General dentistry and medical sciences (emphasis on surgery and orthopedics).
  7. Toyota production method (Kaizen) operations and training.